Introducing FemInnovationSM

Revolutionizing Women’s Health Through Advocacy, Education & Consulting

Welcome to FemInnovation!

We’re on a mission to drive innovation, enhance access, and revolutionize modern healthcare for women across the globe. Through specially tailored legal and educational programs, thought leadership, and advocacy, we’re helping founders, clinicians, politicians, advocates, and passionate supporters transform and disrupt “standard” care delivery for women’s health. We’re also fostering collaboration between women’s healthcare professionals and tech businesses and striving to promote health equity while dismantling societal constructs that prevent free-flowing discussions of women’s health.


Because we envision a world where women’s health is recognized as human health. A world in which women’s health is not niche but necessary. A world in which women’s health is driven by data-backed evidence and research specific to how diseases impact individuals identifying as female. At FemInnovation, we seek to promote sustained growth and investment in women’s health and the femtech industry to help women reclaim their health narratives and advocate for their health inside and outside the healthcare system.

We hope you’ll join us on this world-changing journey!

What We Offer

At FemInnovation, we believe that meaningful change to women’s health can only be achieved by comprehensively addressing the societal, political, clinical, and entrepreneurial barriers that have long plagued the women’s health industry.

That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting women’s health on four fronts:

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What We’re Up To Right Now

Supporting women’s health innovation is our passion. That’s why we’re committed to staying up to date with the latest women’s health trends, conferences, legislation, and developments. You can check out some of our recent and upcoming events, publications, and engagements below! Have somewhere you want us to be? Let us know!

FemInnovation Podcast

Want to stay up to date with strategic insights related to women’s health innovation and starting a femtech company? If so, you won’t want to miss the brand new FemInnovation Podcast, launching in June 2023! In this podcast, host Bethany Corbin speaks about critical issues that impact women’s health and provides legal, practical, and ethical insights to women’s health founders and supporters.

With an exciting lineup of guest speakers, FemInnovation will offer invaluable insights into the challenges plaguing women’s health, changemakers addressing these challenges, the future of femtech, and how to navigate the lifecycle of a women’s health startup. Listen to the podcast and check out new episodes here.

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